The aim of the new measures is to prevent some countries from accessing sensitive technologies.

The latest updates aim to clarify the wording and parameters of previous restrictions. Control of product exports to Macau and D:5 countries (China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, etc.) is being strengthened.

In addition to AI chips from NVIDIA and AMD (NVIDIA A100/H100 series, AMD MI250/300, NVIDIA A800, H800, L40, etc.), their successors (NVIDIA H200, B100, etc., as well as AMD MI350) are subject to restrictions.

Manufacturers are rapidly creating products that meet the new standards, such as the modified NVIDIA H20/L20/L2 approved for export.

While the focus is on tighter controls, the practical impact of the updates on the industry is expected to be negligible. Consumer graphics cards like the NVIDIA RTX 4090 show that the measures are intended to close gaps rather than create large-scale barriers.

Source: Ferra

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