The prototype of a recently released iPhone which was later replaced by the classic touchscreens that we know, but which was especially interesting because of the type of keyboard chosen at the time before the big change. As you can see from the image on the cover of the article, the device in question should have some of the features of the iPodwhich basically offers the same directional keyboard, but with a double capability.

The original plan was actually to real front cameraas we are now accustomed to see on all mobile devices, and a rotatable keyboard, which can also present the numeric keypad if necessary, making it not only aimed at the music sector, but instead useful for normal use, at least if we keep in mind that we are talking about the early 2000s.

According to what is reported on the pages of 9to5Mac Steve Jobsa figure who certainly didn’t tend to give up on major challenges, spent weeks trying to work on this gem, but would eventually decide to leave the hybrid in question on the shelf because it wouldn’t work, and finally the company – as we all know – to completely different coasts than expected.

Certainly, the history of the creation of the iPhone, despite now being known all over the world, has hidden many details and difficulties that the fans are not aware of, and the arrival of an image of the prototype like this only highlights another step. the Cupertino-based company has passed before taking its current position, enviable to say the least in the mobile device market thanks to its iPhones.

Source: Lega Nerd

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