Travel planning service OneTwoTrip has compiled a list of the cheapest overseas flights for this summer. It is more profitable to go to Belarus – the average minimum cost of July tickets from Moscow to a neighboring country is 6.7 thousand rubles.

Belarus is the cheapest foreign air destination in July

The results of the OneTwoTrip study are cited by the Izvestia newspaper. The second and third places in the ranking of the cheapest destinations were occupied by Kyrgyzstan with an average cost of minimum tickets leaving in July of 11.7 thousand rubles, and Tajikistan (12.3 thousand rubles).

Tickets to Qatar, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates fell the most in July compared to June. The cost of a flight to Qatar, the venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has been reduced by 45% and now stands at about 42.2 thousand rubles one way. You can go to Ireland for 61.7 thousand, which is 41% less than the previous month, and to the United Arab Emirates, for 27.9 thousand (39%).

The cost of a flight to Slovenia (55.2 thousand rubles) decreased by 33%, and to Armenia by 15% (about 18 thousand rubles).

If we talk about the traditional tourist destinations of Russians, then the United Arab Emirates (27.9 thousand), Turkey (32.7 thousand) and Israel (34 thousand) and Sri Lanka (35.2 thousand) are considered relatively budget.

This week, Yuri Pilipson, director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Fourth European Department, urged Russians to choose vacation destinations "soberly and prudently," noting that most Balkan countries are considered "unfriendly" by Russia.

In this regard, the politician advised fans of Balkan holidays to pay attention to Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Ahmed Sadulayev

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