It’s unusual for Apple to talk about the components of its devices, especially about who supplies them. But that has changed regarding the situation. cameras which is used iphone. The truth is, something long thought to be so has been confirmed: the company with the bitten apple uses Sony sensors.

Verification of this data is unknown through a leak or comment by an Apple employee. it became its own Tim Cook, during a trip to Japan, posted a message on Twitter stating that the company has no doubt been associated with Sony for more than a decade to deliver the best possible quality in iPhone cameras. And it must be said that the results were excellent.

A usual secret broken at Apple

The truth is, this message from Cook is all a surprisebecause generally the North American company is not one of the companies that usually gives specific information about the ingredients in their products, and iPhone is no exception. The usual thing is that the website discusses the specs of the devices but without giving details. So, for example regarding cameras, the resolution or apertures of the sensors are known, but the specific integrated element is not.

In any case, it has long been noted that Apple uses Sony sensors, something that has been confirmed many times by the demoing of the company’s iPhones’ iFixit page. But now things have changed with a photo from Kumamoto of Tim Cook and Kenichiro Yoshida (Sony’s chief executive officer) during a visit to the Japanese company’s facilities. crystal clear. In addition, taking into account what has been stated, no changes are expected in the long-term future … therefore, the quality of the terminals when taking pictures looks equally good – especially considering that now the Cupertino company has decided to add higher resolution sensors to its terminals.

By the way, perhaps during Cook’s visit to Japan, an agreement was signed in which future iPhones will be integrated. new technology from Sony for the image sensors. With this, and thanks to a new integrated architecture, it will be possible to get a lot more light in any situation to avoid overexposure issues such as underexposure most common in smartphones.

This collaboration is good for Sony

The fact is that the Japanese firm greatly benefits from supplying sensors for the iPhone, because that is how it can survive. first place In this market where it has a control percentage of not less than 44%. And frankly, Apple purchases have a lot to do with it. That’s why it’s vital for them to maintain this cooperation, especially at a time when everything becomes official and added prestige.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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