Perfect for the gym: smart lock with fingerprint sensor

It is the ideal lock that every gym would recommend.

Smart lock with 60 mAh battery and micro USB port

Car keys, apartment keys, mailbox keys, closet keys, keys to your parents’ house… Surely you have confused your keys more than once. ring. Luckily, you’ll now have one less key to carry.

Last week, we recommended a great home automation product so that you can open and close the door of your house without getting up from the couch, this time we will do the same with a product. smart padlock He doesn’t need the keys either. It works with your fingerprint, although you’ll have to get off the couch to use it this time!

Smart lock of this brand INF It is available at a small discount on Amazon and will allow you to protect your belongings with complete security and great comfort. And super cheap! The current price is 23.19 euros.

INF Smart Padlock

Smart locks are the future, the future is now

We constantly dream of all kinds of technological innovations that will happen in the future, in the purest style of the ‘Back to the Future’ saga, but the truth is that we are in that long-awaited future. We now have self-opening doors, mobile payments made by holding the phone close, wireless charging systems, and yes, smart locks that open and close with a fingerprint sensor.

Home automation accessories are ideal for controlling any device from the iPhone, but also allow you to increase the level of security and offer great comforts, such as this smart lock from the manufacturer INF.

It’s the ideal lock to use at the gym, on your college locker, or on your travel bag. And since it has a built-in fingerprint sensor… Only you can unlock it!

This classic padlock with innovative fingerprint technology eliminates all keys and number codes. Your finger is the key!

Forget about using keys and use this smart lock to protect all your belongings wherever you are. There is a small part LED indicator The overall design of this device, which will instantly show whether the lock is open or closed, is very stylish and aesthetic.

This smart lock can: Register up to 20 fingerprintsIt has a high capacity lithium battery. 60mAh and a port micro USB for your cargo. It is undoubtedly a very interesting device.

INF Smart Padlock

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