Aeroflot is resuming flights to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates after an overnight operation in the Middle East, Russian wine producers are raising the cost of products amid rising excise taxes, and Apple failed to avoid a billion-dollar lawsuit. of dollars. These and other news of the day. They are in the RB summary.

Resumption of flights to the East, increase in wine prices, lawsuit against Apple: the main thing on April 14



  • According to ATOR, “several dozen” Russian tourists on excursions remain in Iran.

  • Due to flooding, the Kazakh government cancels another large-scale event: the Kazakhstan Forum of Mechanical Engineers will be held in 2025.


  • Russia is the sixth largest importer of strawberries in the world. In 2023, the country represented 6% of the international supply of berries.

  • Banks have tightened the granting of mortgages for finished homes to Russians. Since December 2023, loan approvals have decreased in both the secondary market (from 60.4% to 52.8%) and the primary market (from 65.7% to 61.9%). Most of the refusals are related to existing debts (Izvestia).

  • Russian manufacturers of hybrid cars received the right to conclude special investment contracts with the state under a new decree signed by Prime Minister Mishustin.

  • Demand for warehouse rental in the Russian Federation in the first quarter of 2024 increased by 11% year-on-year, according to a study by Avito Real Estate. Buy – fell 1%.


  • Aeroflot resumed flights to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, which were delayed overnight after the start of Iran’s attack on Israel. The next flight to Tehran is expected to operate as planned. Iran announced the end of Operation True Promise.

  • Abrau-Durso will increase the cost of its products between 7% and 35% in a context of increased excise taxes. Nine other national winemakers told RBC about similar plans.

  • Apple failed to get a nearly $1 billion antitrust lawsuit dismissed in the United Kingdom.

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Akhmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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