If you don’t feel like not going anywhere from home until Monday, pay attention to this selection. You are waiting for the best domestic series of this year, from which it is difficult to break away.

choose any and enjoy. Some of the collected series have already come out with the second season, so if you haven’t watched the first ones, I sincerely believe.


1. Patient Zero

Genre: drama, detective
Audience rating: ⭐️ – (IMDb), 8.2 (KinoPoisk)
Director: Sergey Trofimov, Evgeny Stychkin
Cast: Askar Ilyasov, Nikita Efremov, Elizaveta Shakira, Evgeniya Mandzhieva, Evgeny Stychkin

About what: Soviet doctors with the first outbreak of HIV in the USSR.


The year is 1988, the scene is the Kalmyk ASSR. A young doctor at a children’s hospital, Kirsan Ayushev, suspects that several of his patients have HIV, but senior colleagues do not believe this is possible, so Kirsan secretly sends samples to Moscow.

When the tests confirm his correctness, the scientist Dmitry Goncharov, a specialist in an “exotic” disease little known in the USSR, joins the case. Now the fate of the future of children and adults, and possibly the entire country, depends on the actions of the capital epidemiologist and the provincial pediatrician.

To the point: I watched our new series “Patient Zero”. How there was no sex in the USSR

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2. Epidemic, season 2

Genre: drama, fantasy, thriller
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 7.2 (KinoPoisk)
Cast: Victoria Isakova, Kirill Kyaro, Maryana Spivak, Yuri Kuznetsov, Alexander Robak

About what: continuation of the story about the life of people in a world where a mysterious virus is killing people and natural life is collapsing before our eyes.


The second season introduces viewers to interesting characters living in a secluded log house in snowy forests.

The plot develops on the rise, sometimes turns into a detective story, sometimes into a tragic thriller. The creators deftly play with genres, but try not to deviate from the main psychological thriller with treasures of drama. On the latter, a big bet is generally made.

To the point: I watched the second season of our TV series Epidemic. Worth spending time on it

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3. Trigger Season 2

Genre: drama
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 8.5 (KinoPoisk)
Cast: Maxim Matveev, Igor Kostolevsky, Svetlana Ivanova, Victoria Maslova, Roman Mayakin

About what: a terrible tragedy forces the psychologist provocateur to return to practice.


Psychologist Artyom Streletsky – export of shock therapy on the way of patients. He believes that the only way for a person to solve problems is to understand himself and stop lying to himself.

If most psychologists babysit clients, listen to complaints about life for six months, sympathize and at the same time receive a lot of money for sessions, Artyom constantly calls clients: insults them, laughs at them and deliberately pushes them out of their comfort zone.

To the point: I watched the Russian series “Trigger” in 3 days. Couldn’t stop

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4. Comfort Zone Season 2

Genre: comedy
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 7.7 (KinoPoisk)
Cast: Garik Kharlamov, Ekaterina Molokhovskaya, Ekaterina Shkuro, Stepan Devonin, Evgeny Syty

About what: continuation of the adventures of the hero Garik Kharlamov in a Finnish hospital.


Yaroslav Kostrov, a boorish and quirky owner of a small transport company in Murmansk, by coincidence, is associated with a sharp acceleration, where the comfort level shows good hotel performance with all amenities and the Internet.

The only thing that connects Yarik with home is the Skype window, through which he has lungs, somehow get out of the current cases, as well as mafia incidence, control his business, try not to lose his wife and raise children, they refuse to be brought up via video.

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Genre: drama, crime
Viewer Rating: ⭐️ 7.8 (KinoPoisk)
Director: Stas Ivanov
Cast: Anton Kuznetsov, Kuzma Kotrelev, Maria Mashkova, Maria Matsel, Dmitry Chebotarev

About what: the history of the inhabitants of one of the most dangerous criminal districts of Rostov-on-Don


In one of the workers’ sleeping districts in the south-west of Rostov-on-Don, which is called “YUZ”, a local group of young guys and the case are compared with a gang from the center, but adult crime bosses register cases more serious.

The main character Ravil is a young programmer who lives in the area, has already graduated from a technical school and dreams of breaking out of his ghetto and moving to the USA. In anticipation of a grant, Ravil moonlights as a courier. However, young romance beckons with the temptation of fast criminal money. In order to fulfill the cherished dream of another life and win the heart of the young beauty Eli from the district of the rich, Ravil contacts the increase in the gang and approaches the abyss of the criminal city.

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