The pressure on Telegram was not exerted by the governments of different countries, but by the Americans Apple and Google. This was announced by the owner of the messenger, Pavel Durov, in an interview with journalist Tucker Carlson.

Pavel Durov denounced the pressure from Apple and Google on Telegram

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He said the two corporations could “censor everything you can read on your smartphone.” These companies made it clear that if Telegram does not comply with their “recommendations,” the messenger could be removed from the app stores.

Apple and Google make no compromises when it comes to their rules, Durov said. He also added that if the messenger is removed from stores, then “a large portion of the world’s population will lose access to a valuable tool they use every day.”

Telegram spends $0 on marketing and attracting new users. The platform has never been advertised anywhere, all growth is organic. Currently, the number of active users is 900 million; by the end of 2024, Telegram plans to increase them to one billion;

In the interview, Pavel Durov also said that he is the only product manager at Telegram. The entrepreneur himself communicates with each developer and designer, and also independently creates all new functions and tools for the messenger.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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