Farewell to HD Atlas

He Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics has been impressing us with his stunts and other antics for the last decade, but the company has just announced that it is discontinuing the bipedal robot.

“Atlas has sparked our imagination, inspired the next generation of robotics experts, and broken down technical barriers in the field,” Boston Dynamics said in the comments to a YouTube video (above) about the gadget. “Now it’s time for our Atlas hydraulic robot to relax.”

The video illustrates how far the Boston Dynamics team has come with Atlas, with multiple images showing the robot falling during numerous tests on challenging terrain and attempting to jump between platforms.

After much development, the talented team created an incredibly maneuverable machine that can reproduce human movements with amazing accuracy. In fact, he can do many things that humans cannot, including somersaults and parkour. Their repertoire also included funk dance steps.

It is unclear why Boston Dynamics discontinued Atlas. Digital Trends English has contacted the company for more information, but there is no more information available.

Although previous videos showed the company considering marketing Atlas to work in places like warehouses with another Boston Dynamics robot, a dog, things clearly didn’t work out that way. place.

The team apparently felt that Atlas had reached its potential, although the engineers who worked on the project learned a lot that could be applied to future projects.

The video even leaves us with a small teaser saying that Atlas may one day reboot as it ends with the message: “Until we meet again.” At the very least, it looks like Boston Dynamics will be introducing an even more impressive robot in the not-too-distant future.

Source: Digital Trends

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