Collecting your favorite characters can go beyond decoration and become an investment that pays off in the future, as some editions are limited and may become rare within a few years.

Simpler and more popular models that appeal to both children and adults are not often considered, but after a while the game may change and even if the product does not gain value, you will have the memory of a character that left its mark on the brand. Your life.

are you a fan X-Men, Avengers, Dragon Ball or Star warsavailable on amazon Various action figures offeredand today TecMundo brings up a list Deals starting from R$ 50. To look:

Collectible dolls are on sale on Amazon

  • Marvel Avengers Captain America Olympus doll for R$ 53.59
  • Marvel Iron Man Olympus doll for R$ 67.99
  • Marvel Black Panther Titan Hero Series doll for R$ 49.90
  • Marvel Spider-Man Spider doll for R$ 58.99
  • Marvel Venom Olympus doll for R$ 79.49
  • Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy – Mantis doll for R$ 99.99
  • Marvel X-men ’97 Wolverine doll for R$ 64.41
  • Marvel Legends Series X-Men Larval doll for R$ 109.99
  • Marvel Legends Series X-Men Vulcano figure for R$ 129.99
  • Star Wars The Black Series doll – Royal Guard for ₺78.99
  • Star Wars The Black Series doll – Han Solo for R$ 85.99
  • Star Wars Return of the Jedi E6 doll – Luke Skywalker for R$ 49.99
  • Star Wars The Black Series doll – Palpatine for R$ 78.99
  • Star Wars The Black Series doll – Chewbacca for R$ 106.90
  • DC Batman doll for R$ 84.25
  • DC Batman doll – Riddler for R$ 73.51
  • DC Cyborg doll for R$ 72.90
  • Dragon Ball Stars doll – Picollo for $110.88
  • Dragon Ball Cell doll for R$ 135.12
  • One Piece Luffy doll for R$ 54.90

Offers are for a limited time and price changes are subject to change at any time.

Source: Tec Mundo

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