Odnoklassniki has added the ability to automatically hide obscene language in all public texts, including comments and statuses. Bad words will be closed with asterisks; This can lead to a reduction in the level of toxic communication, the company believes.

Simply *****: Odnoklassniki began to automatically hide obscene language

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The social network Odnoklassniki released an update giving users the ability to hide bad words automatically. Obscene words will be closed with asterisks, the company stated.

The option allows you to hide bad words in all public texts, including comments, statuses, video captions, and photos. To enable the feature, you need to go to the additional “advertising” settings and start filtering obscene language.

Odnoklassniki believes that hiding bad words will reduce the level of toxic communication and protect users from insults. According to data from the social network itself, in the last four years users have begun to use obscene language in communication 58% less frequently.

In April 2023, the VKontakte social network launched a similar feature: swear words are replaced by typing.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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