Xbox offers three months of free Apple TV+. Unlike other cases, the offer is available to all users who have a console, so you don’t need a Game Pass Ultimate membership to buy him back. The only requirement is to activate it through the Apple TV app for Xbox.

Microsoft has announced that it has teamed up with Apple to offer a three-month trial of Apple TV+. The promotion is available to all users registered on Xbox and applies to new or recurring subscriptions. If you have an Xbox console, all you need to do is download the Apple TV app from the app store and enable access.

The promotion for Xbox users comes a few months after Apple entered into an agreement with PlayStation. If we remember PS4 and PS5 owners can get a three-month trial of Apple TV+ right on your console. The only requirement is to do this through the PlayStation app using an account that does not have a current subscription.

If for some reason you have an Xbox and PS4/PS5 and activated the PlayStation promotion in January, you’ll be able to enjoy three extra months of Apple TV+ with the new offer. Only you must do this by July 7, 2024.. Apple offers unlimited access to all original Apple TV+ products, such as For all mankind – which has just confirmed its fifth season -, Constellation or Ted Lassothe most watched series on streaming.

How to get three free months of Apple TV+ on Xbox

If you want to take advantage of Apple TV+’s three-month free offer You need three things: an Xbox console, a Microsoft account, and an Apple ID account.. If you meet the requirements, turn on your console and access the Store from the main menu. Once inside, search for “Apple TV” to install the app and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can access your apps from the My Games & Apps section located in the top menu. When you open the Apple TV app, a screen will appear advertising three free months of Apple TV+. You just need to sign in using your Apple ID to activate it; You can do this from your mobile phone or tablet, or through your Xbox controller.

Three-month free Apple TV+ offer applies to: Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. It’s important to note that your Apple ID must not have an active Apple TV+ subscription because months do not add up. At the end of the period, you will be charged the monthly fee applicable in your country.

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