This smartphone really surprised me. An unexpected start, huh? It is dedicated to the new Infinix model NOTE 40.

As an avid iPhone user, I always gravitate towards premium smartphone models. But this case turned out to be an exception, because it had features that I have only seen in Pro iPhones or the latest iPhone models.

Right now in front of me is a budget device that doesn’t seem like it at all. Now let’s talk why. This may not surprise anyone, but the owner of Apple equipment will immediately begin to be indignant: how come our cool features are available at 3 times cheaper!

Short description

  • Flat light 120Hz
    Magnetic charging MagCharge
    3x zoom without loss of quality and wide selfies
    Dual video mode

Flat light 120Hz

Also included with the smartphone is a protective glass (not film, but glass!)

Apple just this year has moved into the flat panel display forum over the past few years. The company began to repeat this with other manufacturers, but used similar solutions only in top-end device models.

Infinix decided not to waste time and integrated a flat lamp into the NOTE 40. This solution has a number of advantages when compared to curved versions:

▪️ such a screen is more difficult to break because it is protected by side frames, plus there is no protective glass that would completely cover the screen.

▪️there are no light projections that appear, for example, from the side (the folded edges are shaped across the width and are often slightly darker than the main part)

▪️ complete absence of false clicks (this problem occurs especially with curved screens when you just hold the smartphone; the manufacturer is trying to deal with it, but not always successfully)

▪️there are no glares forming along the bend lines.

And although curved screens look more premium in the world of Android smartphones, flat options are more practical.

In addition, a lamp with a refresh range of 120 Hz is installed here. It does not automatically adjust from 1 to 120 Hz. However, it is possible to select an adaptive mode for adjustment under the application: where 120 Hz is required, 60 Hz is activated.

In general, it’s rare to see such a smooth picture in the budget segment.

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Magnetic charging MagCharge

Another cool feature of the iPhone is support for magnetic wireless charging. And here it is also implemented.

Infinix has released a whole line of MagCharge accessories (analogue MagSafe). It includes a MagCase with support for MagCharge, Magnetic City, MagPower and a magnetic flat dock for charging the MagPad.

The main technology developed began to support wireless charging power up to 20 W. For comparison, in iPhones this figure reaches 15 W. It works according to the same scheme as in iPhones: you just attach your smartphone to the “pancake”, and it will already be charging. It is as easy to remove as it is to be attached.

The NOTE 40 line uses All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology to control charging.

There is also fast charging up to 100 W (45 W included) and reverse charging at 10 W. Fast charge up to 50% in just 8 minutes.

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The frames here are plastic, but it’s not that scary

Only the top-end iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max has a fully functioning USB-C port. I’m talking about the speed of operation of these connectors.

The Infinix NOTE 40 uses USB-C, which is common among Android smartphones, without the limited speeds of USB 2.0. That is, there is USB 3.1 with data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbit/sec.

And yes, the connector itself is only available in the iPhone 15 line, while for the Android world it is already a classic. The same convenient standard, which is better than Lightning in terms of partial charging and information transfer.

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3x zoom without loss of quality and wide selfies

What really surprised me was the NOTE 40 camera.

There is a 108 MP main lens installed here. But that’s okay, often such things are used only for marketing purposes. However, the new product also has real benefits from this sensor.

Like the iPhone 14 Pro/15 Pro, there is 3x zoom without loss of quality. Only here it is displayed due to the “crop” of the original 108 MP photo. But the result is the same: the picture remains clear and detailed.

Plus, this module is equipped with optical stabilization (unlike it was not). It is thanks to this final close-up photo that it is not blurred – a big and bold like.

In addition, the manufacturer has installed here a fairly high-quality 32-megapixel front camera increase the frame field magnification from 1x to 0.8x. You rarely see such a solution in any smartphones at all, and even less so in public sector phones. And yes, this is again one of the features of premium iPhone models.

Due to these innovations, more objects fit into the frame, and the person in the frame looks “slimmer,” so to speak. Selfies with such a camera are taken in various ways.

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Dual Video Mode

For the first time, such an opportunity appeared in the iPhone 11 and was improved to real normal “behavior” without closeness, bevels and slight “jelly” closer to the iPhone 13.

And if in an iPhone this requires the software side, then in a smartphone from Infinix everything works. standard camera application. You can simultaneously capture video with two cameras at once: the main one and the front one. This is convenient, for example, for those who run their own blog. This way you can immediately observe the shooting and the person’s reaction. A small but extremely useful addition.

Another useful thing to note is the ability to record 2K video at 30 FPS, as well as 1080p videos at 30/60 FPS. This combination is not used by every manufacturer, and for some, such a function may be important.

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Unique Active Halo bonus feature

It shimmers very beautifully; only available in gold version

We are talking about a ring light called Active Halo. It can change color depending on events occurring on the smartphone: charging, settings, calls, games, music, assistant, etc.

The light effect is completely harmful, you can adjust its color, pulsation, rhythm and more. It gets to the point where you are given the opportunity to configure this indicator for almost every application. A useful feature for those who like to place their smartphone with the front panel down.

Top features for low prices

Every year there are more and more reasons to pay attention to Android smartphones. And Infinix clearly proves this.

Infinix NOTE 40 costs less than 30 thousand rubles in Russia. And for this money you realized my capabilities, which are offered only by a modern or older, but Pro-iPhone, which costs 2-3 times more.

Source: Iphones RU

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