Chinese auto giant BYD presented the Super 9 concept sports car. Without a roof or windshield, it received stylish scissor doors. The car is available for the new brand, which BYD positions as premium. The emergence of a popular sports car may indicate that this company is called an interesting and competitive product for various car segments.

According to information, the auto giant was able to use the media, it was a two-wheeled supercar, and the passenger compartment was linen striped. The car is no longer the master of the city. The same supercar as on the lightest surface. In addition, designers clarify the upward direction of the incoming air flow.

BID Super 9
BID Super 9
BID Super 9

The ideas presented in the concept are certainly worth considering. In the near future we will be able to find out definitively that they will be truly isolated in the production version. In the second half, BYD found itself in a leading position in another country, but also in the world. The statistical information is the same as for many electric vehicles, for example, launched in the world, assembled at BYD factories.

Source: Tech Cult

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