Avto.ru Business has added the ability to generate a car description using YandexGPT. This can be done in your personal account with the click of a button. Distributors will save time and free up resources to solve other problems. This was reported to RB.RU by the company’s press service.

Avto.ru Business dealers will be able to generate a car description using YandexGPT

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In a few seconds, YandexGPT will compose high-quality text based on the parameters specified in the card of a specific car or generate a description of all cars in the selected salon. The neural network can also correct spelling and typographical errors.

According to the service’s own data, on average 1.5 thousand sales ads do not appear in the classifieds precisely due to the lack of descriptions of the cars, and in March 2024, more than 11.5 thousand ads had a short text that, according to service experts. , directly affects call conversion.

In 2023, Avto.ru provided the ability to generate a car description for private sellers. Before this, 60% of users spent between 7 and 30 minutes on this.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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