Users Reddit An unusual way to clear the cache in iOS and iPadOS has been found. Most likely, it is based on the automatic way of cleaning unnecessary data built into the system. After some time, the iPhone and iPad themselves removed the system garbage; we only helped it start this process.

The ability is not 100%. For some it frees up 7-10 GB, while for others it doesn’t work. There is no formality.

When will this method help?

Go to Settings – General – iPhone Storage, scroll down the list and see how much system data contains. If system data more than 20 GBstart cleaning.

Topic: What a stable place on the iPhone. We have collected the most effective methods

This method is based on cleaning unnecessary and outdated system files. If you don’t have them on your device, this method definitely won’t help. In this case, other tricks at the link above will come in handy.

How to save iPhone memory

1. Go to Settings – General – iPhone Storage and remember how much memory is free on the device. You can take a screenshot.

2. Quit all applications from the multi-taskbar.

3. Go to Settings – Messages – Message History and change the value to Indefinitely. If this is not done, all correspondence may be deleted in the process.

If you don’t use iMessageskip this point.

4. Turn on Airplane mode.

5. Go to Settings – General – Date and timeturn off the toggle switch Automatically a year in advance. For example, April 2025.

6. Wait a minute and move the dates 3 months ahead from the current date. For example, July 2024.

7. Wait a minute and return automatic date and time setting.

8. Go to Settings – General – iPhone Storage and see how much free space is on your iPhone now.

All! Can be turned off Airplane mode and write in the comments how much cache you have deleted in iOS. It can come in handy when there is not enough space to install updates or a heavy application.

Source: Iphones RU

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