The Ozon market informed its partners who own collection points (POP) about changes to the agreement from May 1, 2024: additional monetary support is introduced in Moscow and the regions, as well as fines for loss of goods and ” wrong area”. ” from POZ. This is stated in the company newsletter, reviewed by RB.RU.

Ozon introduced additional remuneration at collection points and fines for loss of goods and “wrong zone”

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  • From May to July, the market guarantees a monthly reward of at least 200 thousand rubles at Moscow collection points within the Central Ring Road.

Conditions: May-July is the 10th to 12th month of operation of the collection point during the support period, the point operates for at least 30 days and meets the minimum monthly billing in effect in the first six months of; operation.

  • Support for partners is expanded with the opening of the first collection point in small cities. If such a collection point is transferred for repairs before May 31, Ozon will charge an additional 50 thousand rubles.

The press service of the RB.RU market reported that they are indeed increasing support in these regions: “The capital market has the maximum cost of rent and labor, so we understand that items may take longer to reach the point of profitability. In small towns the situation is different. <…> Not all small town residents are used to shopping online. Therefore, while consumer habits change, we provide support.”

  • Ozon began to consider a piece of cargo (packaging with goods) lost if it was not transferred to cross-docking within 14 days after acceptance: “We will file a claim for 45,000 rubles. We will remind you of the delay in shipping to avoid this type of situation.”
  • In addition, the market can now check whether the employee at the pick-up point handled the goods according to instructions. “If it turns out that the instructions have been violated, we will file a claim for 2% of the cost of the goods, but not less than 100 rubles in each case,” the bulletin says.

Ozon assured RB.RU that the practice regarding cargo spaces is “rare”, as are the cases: “We have clarified the details of what and how we will request, so that questions to partners are not a surprise “.

  • The company also intends to “carefully check the data on the area of ​​each collection point.” If it turns out that the agent indicated the wrong area, then the site can impose a fine of 30 thousand rubles, independently change the area of ​​​​the point in the service and calculate the service fee according to the new data.

“For us it is important to understand the performance of the point: to know how many customers can order products there. Openness is important to us, also on the part of our partners, which is why we consider it an objective to impose sanctions for deceiving the market in space matters,” explained an Ozon representative.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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