Samsung has promised to fix custom keyboard color disparity with Good Lock and One UI. A. Color inconsistency has appeared in One UI 6.0 and will be resolved in the next update.

Samsung Good Lock is an application that focuses on personalization. It unlocks extra options for customizing the appearance of the South Korean manufacturer’s handsets, including more alternatives to the appearance of the native virtual keyboard.

But in One UI 6, Good Lock customization clashes with Android 14’s Color Palette feature. According to user reports posted on Samsung forums, enabling both features at the same time causes the keyboard to display only some of the selected colors, resulting in an odd appearance.

Local keyboard colors become inconsistent when Color Palette and Good Lock are enabled at the same time.  (Image: Samsung Community/Reproduction)

Fortunately, one of the platform’s administrators confirmed that Samsung is aware of the problem and is preparing a solution in One UI 6.1.

As a temporary alternative, Admin notes that turning off Single UI Color Palette options fixed theme inconsistency. The solution is not ideal, but it serves to make the appearance of the mobile phone more consistent.

One UI 6.1 deployment process is slow. The system has already been released for high-end devices such as Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. But older models are still waiting for the update.

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