The Castle Nathria Murder expansion for Heartstone will be released next month and will take players to investigate a heinous crime and 10 legendary suspects.

The essence of Hearthstone, like most of the trading card games, is to face armies of monsters, trying to do it in the most efficient way possible depending on the characteristics and abilities of the creatures. It’s fun to watch game designers come up with intricate motifs for virtual battles, whether it’s the adventures of a brave band of mercenaries or journeys to the bottom of the sea where naga threaten players.

Hearthstone’s next step in combat-themed storytelling is Murder at Castle Nathria.

“Sir Denathrius, the former leader of Revendreth, invited his enemies to his castle for a fancy dinner. The night passes like clockwork…until suddenly the Sire himself is murdered!

Snow storm

The add-on will be released on August 2 and will include 135 cards, 10 of which will be legendary “suspects”, one for each class. In fact, a new type of map appears in the game – areas and a new keyword – “Saturation”.

Nathria Castle includes a large number of different areas. Area cards are first played for the listed cost, after which they can be activated on your turn, costing no resources, and gain strong effects. Areas take up space on your side of the field and can only be influenced by opponents with special cards.

Cards with the Infuse property are empowered in your hand, taking on a more powerful form when the required number of creatures die.

To celebrate the release of the new card pack, all players will receive the legendary neutral card “Reborn Prince” as a login reward. The card has stats of 3/4, costs 3 mana, and is accompanied by the text: “The number of cards in your deck and your starting health is 40.” Sure, more health is a good thing, but having to include more cards for many decks will be a bigger drawback, unless you’re playing a deck designed specifically for the long game.

On Friday, July 1 at 10:00am ET, Twitch and YouTube will host a developer stream hosted by streamer Brian Kibler and game designer Leo Robles González, where they will discuss the new mechanics in more detail.

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