One of the biggest insecurities many people feel when traveling or using public space relates to privacy.

Unfortunately, we often see that reports from guests who find cameras in hotels, inns or short-term rented houses disturb our peace of mind, usually during our free time.

Today the market offers some offers camera detection devicesAnd baseus There is one of these products that is easy to use, compact and you can take it anywhere!

Take advantage of the Baseus Camera Detector available on your device Shopee official store! Learn more about the product and buy now:

Discover Baseus Camera Detector

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Find hidden cameras in accommodations and public places and make sure your privacy is not violated.


Baseus Camera Detector is a portable device. long-lasting 60 mAh battery and charging via USB-C cable.

The product can identify all types of cameras anywhere in the environmentWhether it’s a micro camera hidden in the shower or a pen camera in the office.

Activating the device Detection up to 5 metersWhen you bring it close to your eyes, you will be able to see the light emitted from where the hidden camera is located.

For less than R$50 you can secure the Baseus Camera Detector on Shopee and on your next travels, make sure there are no hidden cameras in your accommodation or any other environment!

Source: Tec Mundo

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