Cluvens announced its new status until 2024 ahead of the launch of the “J20 Gatling Workstation”. The previous models are larger, wider, stronger and more mobile, and additional user requests were taken into account during its development. The device is designed to create a comfortable environment for those who need a personal computer.

Popular videos create the preconditions for increased productivity. Ultimately, this service does not re-capture the user with open windows; he just needs to look and see the information he needs. The time savings are so great that you have increased by 10-50%, the monitor space in the office is occupied in a matter of months.

Cluvens J20 Gatling Workstation

The Gatling Workstation design can accommodate three 29-inch monitors or one 49-inch ultra-wide Samsung G9. This is the only way to use it, so it can be used. In this case, the poet measures the size from 160 cm to 220 cm. Do not use it until you open it. Length 140 cm, length 88 cm.

The purpose of the institution is to use it in semi-enclosed spaces, for example, as a load on the musculoskeletal system. Alas, it has long been known that the human body is not designed to use chairs, but connecting a monitor and keyboard above it is not so easy. This is the same design as in the guest decoration and multi-speed weapon video. The tracks are movable, but there is no motor; the station can be rolled, but it is held in place by contact between the surface of the tracks and the surface.

The J20 Gatling workstation costs $4,200.

Source: Tech Cult

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