In 2023, more than 20 thousand franchises will be sold in Russia. The downward trend began two years earlier: in 2021, 84% of sold franchises belonged to Russian franchisors and 16% to foreigners, in 2022, the proportion was 90% to 10%, respectively; Tochka Bank analysts came up with these results in their new video project “Points Above”; RB.RU became familiar with the investigation.

The share of foreign franchises in the Russian Federation has reached a record low

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The share of Russian franchisors continues to grow: last year, 92% of all franchises sold were to Russian companies. According to analysts, this indicates a strengthening of the position of national brands amid the departure of foreign players. While the proportion of foreign franchisors decreased to 8%.

Today, the Russian franchise market consists of about 3,000 companies, while Russian legislation still does not contain the term “franchise”, which creates certain difficulties when collecting statistics in this segment. However, several studies based on indirect evidence agree that the market is growing annually by 5-10% in recent years,” says Maxim Frolov, franchise director at Tochka.

Last year, for every new trademark registered, 37 ceased to exist. This is a continuation of the trend that began in 2017, when the number of trademark liquidations exceeded the number of registrations for the first time. Since then, the number of operating companies selling franchises has been decreasing each year. In 2023, only 637 new brands were registered, while the number of liquidated ones reached 23.5 thousand.

For the study, Tochka Bank specialists relied on data from Rospatent and analyzed 800 thousand trademarks.


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