The Israeli company Camero-Tech presented at Eurosatury 2022 a new device from its See Through Walls series called the Xaver 1000.

Informscle that the xaver 1000 is able to create an articulation of a room, p, p, p, p, p, p, Under exceptional conditions of image accuracy, individual parts of the body can be seen.

Tracking of living objects is independent of their activity, so you can find a hidden sniper behind the wall with protection from thermal surveillance. The system can be used by the cell and the time it takes to cancel and remove the weapon. The Xaver 1000 can see through walls made of the most common materials, the thickness of which is not specified. All information is displayed on a 10-inch display, a mini mini is required to work with it.

Xavier 1000

Source: Tech Cult

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