The QCY HT03 wireless headphones surprised me, like the Tecno HiPods H2, but not because of the sound, but because of the capabilities. For 1500 rubles. QCY earphones feature noise cancellation, equalizer adjustment and APP operation. Realtek audio driver (didn’t find the name) and Bluetooth 5.1 are responsible for the sound. When paired with a phone, an animation occurs, which I consider to be a farce and not something useful. And of course there is a game mode and touch control buttons.


The headphones are housed in a rectangular box with technical specifications on the back. Previously, you didn’t often see headphones with Bluetooth 5.1. This version of the protocol is designed for the Internet of Things, in particular, to know your location.

The QCY app asks for permission to get location information, which when nearby on the phone will trigger an animation. Similar to Apple headphones.

The package contains the following: instructions, a set of three pairs of ear tips, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and the headphones themselves:

The case is bright, it is difficult to take photos due to glare. Sits comfortably in the hands. It won’t take much space in your pocket. Of the control buttons, only one to reset the settings to factory settings. There are two light indicators: one outside and one inside, which indicate the charge level of the headphones (binary, whether they are charged or not). The FCCID number is also visible, i.e. (as was already clear from the beginning of the review) there is a teardown:

Below is the headset from all sides:

There are sensors on the leg in the gap. Their location is inconvenient as it takes time to get used to handling them. The second microphone is at the top of the leg. I couldn’t immediately adapt to touch as the mode switching feature is available through the app on the phone (in the dispenser).

The sound guide is an oval whose largest diameter is 6 mm and the smallest is 4.5 mm. Tronsmart Apollo Bold (in QCC5124) has the same sound guide. Two microphones can be seen in the housing, one of which picks up noise and the other transmits it in antiphase, damping the sound; this is how noise reduction works over a wide frequency range (feedforward ANC). The headphones in the review do not have noise reduction in a narrow frequency range (feedback ANC). Total noise suppression of up to 35 dB is claimed.

The landing is shown below:

The headphones use a 10mm driver.


  1. Earphone type: TWS earphones (that is, they work separately)

  2. bluetooth version: 5.1

  3. Audio driver: Realtek

  4. Audio codecs: AAC, SBC

  5. Playback Profiles: HFP, HSP, AVRCP, A2DP

  6. Driver: 10mm dynamic

  7. Noise reduction: active, up to 35 dB

  8. Latency: minimal latency, there is a game mode

  9. Signal coverage area: 15m

  10. Resistance: 32Ω

  11. Frequency range: 20Hz – 20000Hz

  12. Water resistant: yes

  13. Control: touch

  14. Microphone: yes, 4 microphones

  15. Multiple connection: no

  16. Proximity sensors: no

  17. Voice assistant call: Google, Siri

  18. Wireless charging: no

  19. Charging cable: Type-C Type-A

  20. Battery in case: 380mAh

  21. Battery in earphone: _mAh

  22. Charge: 5V/0.3A

  23. Battery life: up to 24 hours with case, up to 6 hours on a charge

  24. Earphone case charging time: 137 minutes

  25. Case size: 59x54x26mm

  26. Headphone weight: 10g (with case – 42g)

Loading and Unloading

The model charges (together with the case) in 137 minutes at 558 mAh (2.8 Wh):

According to the manufacturer, you can recharge the headphones with the case three times. On a single charge, the operating time is about 5-6 hours with ANC. The total load practically adjusts to the 24 hours named by the manufacturer.

In inexpensive models of headphones, there may be a problem with battery failure. They must be charged from low current sources such as 5V/2A charging blocks or from a USB-A computer. So there will be less problems with battery failure.


When connecting the headset to the phone, the following animation appears:

In the QCY app, you can assign touch button functions, enable low-latency gaming mode, adjust the equalizer, or choose from six presets, and update the firmware:

On the screen of an Android phone (this is not available on Apple products), a line from the QCY program, which is built into the player, appears:

You can control noise reduction modes, as well as start or stop playback. Functionality for the sake of functionality in general, but it’s also a good thing that it exists.

The app does not show the remaining charge of the case, which is a drawback as it is difficult to track the remaining charge with an indicator. According to the characteristics, the battery in the case is enough to replenish the charge of the headphones 3 times.


Of all the headphones that work with the application on the phone, I have not met representatives who can boast of a one-click control function. The HT03 model has it, which can be seen in the photo below. This is its great advantage.

You can set one-touch sound setting, double-click to switch tracks, triple-click to call a wizard. Of the remaining options, there are: noise reduction, game mode. Only there is no way to set the function for a long touch.

Headphone control is convenient, but the sensor placement on the inner side of the leg takes time to adjust to. It is necessary not only to touch the leg, but to look for a place and touch it with two fingers. More necessary actions: more time is spent on management.


In terms of functional differences of models in Bluetooth 5.2, for example, from Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro (review here), which I recently reviewed, I did not find. The same good reception range, the microphone also works well, and most importantly, at intersections and near traffic lights, the QCY headset model does not pick up interference.

Playing with headphones is pleasant, there is no lag. Game mode is activated automatically. It’s comfortable to play: everything sounds good, distortion-free, and instantly.

The noise reduction works and the noise clipping process is felt. After switching to ANC mode, nothing changes for a split second, and then the sound of a busy track gradually fades away. A boiling kettle (up to about 60 dB) is muted in the middle, like other representatives of wireless sound with the same function.

Interestingly, the transparency mode works, from which you expect the sound of the environment to be transmitted with a slight muting due to the passive acoustic isolation of the headphones, but, on the contrary, it is heard louder than in other models. I almost never use this mode. ANC mode on and off works fine and smooth.

Listening to music

When I started listening with headphones, I liked the sound. It is without muting the bass, the bass is soft, or rather what is in the bass in wireless models. You feel the distribution of frequencies along the curve: low, mid and high range. The drums stand out and not much, which I like, but there are also shortcomings.

As a negative perception in music, it can be said that it is standard in cheap headphones: excessive brightness of drums, especially screeching metal and high frequencies in general. In some compositions, the endings are grainy in music, ie what happens in cheap camera photos with strong image magnification, and in QCY HT03: in some songs it is better not to add volume. The volume, however, is sufficient with Android devices.

It becomes uncomfortable to listen to such music for a long time, but it is possible. It is a pity that the positive perception of music was diluted with these characteristics. Perhaps headphones are suitable for listening to audiobooks. Your microphone is good.


The model is medium. It cannot be said that it is ambiguous. There is definitely a benefit and interest in it. The main thing is the price, which is acceptable in the summer sale of 2022. Yes, the price is lower than Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro, but the sound is worse. We can say that instead of sound, QCY has a functionality that Tronsmart does not have. Here everyone chooses what suits them.

The current price of the QCY HT03 headphone model can be found in the official store. During the sale period, it is especially low.

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