Nvidia promises this new feature; Your graphics card may soon be able to help you play games. This Sunday (02), during Computex 2024, dev, G-Assist, the new virtual assistant powered by GeForce RTX GPU technology A platform that can interpret the context of game scenes and give voice commands that give the user clues on what to do in-game.

HE Project G-Assist is a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence (AI) focused entirely on games. Configured with the RTX AI Toolset, this feature can also optimize the game’s graphics settings for your computer, providing accurate data on latency and frames per second over the last 60 seconds.

At the show at Computex, Nvidia announced that G-Assist will answer the question “What is the best starter gun and how can I prepare it?” It showed that it responds to user voice commands such as. The company also demonstrated how AI can interpret the content of the scene.

Moreover, the assistant also scans your setup to point out inconsistencies in settings Such as setting the refresh rate to 60 Hz on monitors with higher frequencies, as well as making suggestions to improve performance in games and achieve a smooth speed of 60 frames per second.

Nvidia’s AI can even show you how to overclock the graphics card.

Joke turns into reality

HE G-Assist first appeared as an April Fool’s joke in 2017. At the time, the assistant was introduced as an artificial intelligence that would replace the player; the player would take control when opening the door or stopping to eat pizza.

For now, G-Assist is just a demo and is only available at Computex. The wizard can be used for trial purposes in games such as: ARK: Survival AscendedSurvival game developed by Studio Wildcard.

Clearly, G-Assist is currently not available for download — and there’s no confirmation that the assistant will ever become a reality. The tool could be a technology demonstration of Nvidia’s development kit and serve to showcase the capabilities of the RTX AI Toolkit.

Therefore, information such as the tool’s minimum requirements or additional details about its functions and limitations are not available.

But most likely, if G-Assist is released, the computer will need to be equipped with Nvidia’s latest GPUs.

Source: Tec Mundo

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