The iPhone’s keypad is called Clicks. The price of this accessory is 140 dollars (about 13 thousand rubles) for iPhone 14 Pro, 15 and 15 Pro, and 160 dollars (about 15 thousand rubles) for iPhone 14 Pro Max, 15 Pro Max and 15 Plus.

The Clicks keyboard is made of plastic, except for the vegan leather part, everything else is made of silicone. In fact, this is a common situation where a physical keyboard is installed. There is wireless charging support and there is also a charging cut-off feature. But there is only one order: American.

The keyboard as a whole almost completely copies the virtual American layout on the iPhone. So how useful is this in real life?

Holding down Command and H minimizes the app and opens the Command and Spacebar search bar. You can also use the space bar to turn pages in Safari.

If we compare the tactile sensations from the keyboard on the BlackBerry and the iPhone, the former seems to be better made. The clicks have a nice keypress sound and feel, but overall they’re awkward to type on. You also have to press the buttons harder on the iPhone; The keys themselves are quite small and there is space between the keys. It was quite difficult for the presenter to press the buttons.

Overall, Clicks has more disadvantages than advantages. Not only will you have to select emojis and much more directly from the screen, but the iPhone with this keyboard will be very tall. Therefore, you will no longer be able to carry it in your pocket. Finally, the layout is unique to America and does not include a few Russian letters. Another disadvantage is the lack of scrolling while typing.

Source: Ferra

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