“Finam” and “BCS World of Investments” have limited the withdrawal of US dollars, Hong Kong dollars and euros from accounts.

Finam and BCS World of Investments have limited the withdrawal of dollars, euros and Hong Kong dollars

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These coins are listed as blocked in Finam accounts, the company told Interfax. They added that the company will need “some time” to receive data from the exchange on the amount of funds blocked.

All measures are being taken to ensure that investors can manage their assets.

In addition, at BCS World of Investments, including BCS Bank, the withdrawal of US dollars, euros and Hong Kong dollars was suspended, the company informed RB.RU.

“Previously, BCS systematically informed its clients about the risks associated with storing hostile currencies in brokerage accounts. Our statistics confirm that clients were actively dumping these coins and transferring funds to other assets. Currently, a small proportion of our clients have foreign currency in brokerage accounts and average balances are small,” the company explained.

They added that withdrawal of yuan from brokerage accounts is only available at BCS Bank.

Previously, on June 12, the United States imposed sanctions on the Moscow Stock Exchange and its member group, the National Clearing Center. Due to this, the site had to suspend operations in US dollars, Hong Kong dollars and euros. Trading of instruments with settlement in these currencies in the stock market, the money market and the standardized derivatives market (SDFI) has also been suspended.


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