Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot, is already working in the company’s factories.

Head of Tesla, Elon Muskshared new images of a humanoid robot Optimus from the company, as well as an update on how the robot’s development is progressing.

“We’ve made a lot of progress with Optimus in a short period of time, from a human pretending to be a dancing robot in a suit, to a cute fake robot, to a robot that actually performs useful tasks in a factory today,” Musk said at Tesla’s shareholder meeting.

He said Tesla’s Fremont, California, plant currently has two Optimus robots performing the battery cell handling task shown in the video, adding that they also have “quite a few of these robots roaming around our Palo offices.” Alto.” [California]”

Musk said Optimus will undergo a “hardware overhaul” that will be completed late this year or early next year, after which the robot will be released in limited numbers for use in its factories, where it will undergo further testing.

He even predicted that Tesla will have “more than a thousand, maybe several thousand” Optimus robots working for the electric car maker next year, explaining that Tesla already has the manufacturing, engineering, artificial intelligence and software capabilities to do robot success. However, it is worth noting that the Tesla CEO’s forecasts often do not correspond to the stated timing.

While Musk wouldn’t comment on how the robot would impact Tesla’s workforce this time around, he previously said Optimus would be used to “eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks.”

The billionaire businessman also said that the robot will eventually become fully autonomous, and its human counterpart will be able to give it instructions. According to Musk, the robot will even be able to learn a task just by watching a video of it.

And in a prediction that will worry those who fear a robot uprising, the Tesla chief also said that the ratio of humanoid robots to humans will eventually become more than one to one, and Tesla is “by far the leader in this.”

Source: Digital Trends

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