HE Spotify It is one of the most popular music streams on the planet. And this feat is achieved by its extensive library and features that make the app also an excellent music player. Among these tools, podcast music historyThis allows you to revisit anything already created in your profile on the platform.

With this feature it is possible to quickly find, for example, a song or podcast that you want to follow the next episodes of. All have the option to use a filter that groups history by date or more specific periods. Today TecMundo teaches you how to view the history of songs and podcasts on Spotify. Payment!

How can I see Spotify history from PC?

1. Open Spotify on your PC and login to your account;

2. Then click the row icon on the left side of the screen;

3. Change the option at the top of the screen to “Recently Played”;

4. Done, you can now view the latest songs, artists and podcasts and even filter by specific dates or time periods.

How can I see Spotify history from iOS or Android app?

1. Open Spotify on your mobile device;

2. Then login to the streaming platform;

3. Then, on the main screen of Spotify, click on the clock-designed icon at the top of the screen as shown in the picture below;

Look for the clock icon to view your history

4. The next screen will show everything that has been played recently, such as the latest songs, artists, and podcasts;

All songs and podcasts with their respective artists or shows appear in your history.

5. Finally, you can filter by a specific topic, date or a specific time period.

Now that you know how to view Spotify history, you can check everything played in your account and make it much easier to create a new playlist in the streaming app.

Source: Tec Mundo

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