Wildberries founder Tatyana Bakalchuk confirmed that she will lead the joint venture of Wildberries and the Russ group. This was announced by the top executive on her Telegram channel.

Tatyana Bakalchuk confirmed that she will lead the united company Wildberries and the Russ group.
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“About the merger of Wildberries and the Russ group. Many questions about this news. We will definitely tell you all the details, but a little later. We will of course agree the structure of the partnership with the FAS, in accordance with the law. And only after that can we reveal the details. “I can now confirm that I will personally lead the merged company,” Bakalchuk said.

He also added that the merger will not affect the operation of the Wildberries platform, on the contrary, “sellers will have more promotion options.”

Bakalchuk also asked “not to believe in rumors and speculation” and to use information from official market channels.

The market chief called the merger “a new stage of development” and promised to open up new opportunities for partners and buyers.

  • On June 18, Wildberries Marketplace and outdoor advertising operator Russ Group announced a merger to create “the ultimate digital commerce platform.”
  • According to RBC sources, on June 19, the Russian government approved the merger of companies and appointed the deputy head of the presidential administration Maxim Oreshkin as the curator of the transaction. The FAS made a positive preliminary assessment of the upcoming merger.
  • One of the goals of the merger of Wildberries and Russ, according to RBC sources, was the creation of a payment system “without going through SWIFT” for ruble payments around the world. Experts interviewed by RB.RU previously suggested that the market plans to strengthen its presence on offline channels and join the fight for the advertising market with Ozon and other players.


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