Russian antivirus Kaspersky will be banned from sale in the United States, Reuters has learned. Use of the product can pose critical risks to American companies, and the company that developed the antivirus has close ties to Russian authorities.

Russian antivirus Kaspersky to be banned from sale in US – Reuters
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The US presidential administration is preparing to impose a ban on the sale of the Russian antivirus Kaspersky Lab in the country. This was reported by Reuters, citing sources.

According to the agency, the development company has close ties to Russian authorities and the use of the antivirus may pose critical risks to American companies, including government ones.

The ban on the sale of Kaspersky antivirus came into effect on September 29, 2024. Companies will need time to find an alternative, the agency said.

Kaspersky Lab previously stated that the company is private and has no connections to the Russian government.


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Source: RB

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