X (Twitter) will start charging for live broadcasts

X announced that Live video broadcasts will no longer be free. The company has confirmed that only users who have paid for an X Premium subscription will be able to perform directly. The solution is part of the latest social media revenue strategy.

“Very soon, only Premium subscribers will be able to go live (create live video streams) on X,” the company said on its official account. “This includes live streaming from an encoder with X integration. Upgrade to Premium to continue streaming.”

The idea of ​​limitation guides X as the only social network that charges for this feature. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Facebook offer live streaming at no extra cost. It is currently unknown whether this feature will be offered at the base level or if it will be part of the Premium and Premium+ subscription tiers.

Placing live broadcasts behind a paywall constitutes first time X (Twitter) limits a free feature and the reaction was not long in coming.

“Great job being a competitor to YouTube, Twitch and Kick! Here, at the user. “It’s only a matter of time before Answers becomes a paid feature,” another added.

X Bet on Video, Limiting Live Streaming

X TV, video app from X (Twitter)
X TV, video app from X (Twitter)

Since his arrival in X, Elon Musk has implemented new features on the platform, such as editing posts, more characters, or better positioning in replies. Unfortunately, the average user cannot access these features because They are exclusive to X Premium subscribers. (including new artificial intelligence Grok).

A few weeks ago, X announced it will launch a Smart TV app with video and live broadcasts. “Over the past month, X people have spent a lot of time watching videos. Let’s see what happens when you can broadcast the world on X TV,” the official X News account said.

The company wants to position itself in this area and compete with YouTube with an app for big screens. While the idea of ​​X TV is interesting, the number of videos available will be less if the platform restricts live streaming.

Live streaming debuted on the Twitter app in late 2016 thanks to Periscope. A year later, the platform initially offered live streaming without the need to open Periscope. This feature remains open to all users to this day.

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