Japanese authorities hope to increase the country’s sovereignty in the field of digital services. In his opinion, many sectors of the Japanese economy are too dependent on international corporations providing IT services.

Japan seeks to reduce dependence on foreign digital services
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According to Nikkei Asian Review, paying for the services of IT giants like Google, Microsoft and Amazon is draining money from the Japanese economy. From 2015 to 2023, the volume of payments to foreign corporations doubled, up to $33.7 billion.

With the development of artificial intelligence systems, the problem is only getting worse, so Japanese authorities are striving to create new types of businesses and increase the economic efficiency of local companies, reducing the outflow of money outside the country. .

Japan’s Digital Transformation Minister Taro Kono believes that the Japanese IT sector needs to increase its competitiveness in the global market. In addition, Japan needs to increase the proportion of domestic software.

By June 2025, local authorities plan to create a reserve of cloud systems, whose resources can be flexibly adapted to the needs of Japanese companies.

In addition, the government will allocate funds for the training of specialists in the field of information security: by 2030, the number of personnel is planned to increase from 20 thousand in 2023 to 50 thousand.

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