How to Disable iCloud Files from Being Automatically Deleted in iOS 18. They Will Remain in Memory

iCloud is deeply integrated into all Apple devices, but this service is still inferior to full-fledged cloud storage. For some reason, some options that have long been available in the clouds are not available in iCloud.

To work with the Apple cloud on iPhone and iPad, use the application Files. When you need to download a document from the cloud, you can do it according to our instructions. Unfortunately, the system itself determines how necessary the downloaded data is and whether it can be unloaded at any time to save space on the device.

Apparently, the developers realized that the feature does not work in the best way and decided to fix it. In iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, a new option appeared – prohibiting the deletion of iCloud files from the device memory.

How to Save a File from iCloud to Work Offline

1. Open the application Files and include in the section Review – iCloud Drive.

2. Find the file or folder you want to save for offline use.

3. Save your finger on a file or folder.

4. Select an item Leave in downloads.

5. Wait until the loading indicator disappears. After this, the files will be available without a network connection and will not be deleted from the device if you do not use them for a long time.

Now, to cancel permanent storage of files on iPhone or iPad, you need to call up the context menu and press the button again Leave in downloads.

Once this file is not lost from the device, the system will delete it only if it is not opened for a long time. If you want to delete the necessary data and leave it only in iCloud, select the context menu again and select Delete download.

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