Climatologists from different countries conducted a study showing that the decrease in ice in the Russian Arctic could significantly increase the number of forest fires in Siberia. Forest fires are becoming increasingly common around the world as a result of climate change. They are destroying forests in different parts of the planet, including North America, Australia, Siberia, the Amazon and other regions.

These fires emit significant amounts of carbon and particulate matter (PM2.5) that can enter people’s lungs and harm their health. They also affect the global economy, causing significant financial losses. For example, the forest fires in Siberia have increased the death toll in Asian countries, forcing them to spend billions of dollars each year.

Climate scientists found that the frequency of forest fires in Eastern Siberia is due to a variety of factors, including drought, lack of precipitation, lightning and atmospheric circulation. The study found that the decrease in ice extent in the Russian Arctic is strongly associated with an increase in summer forest fires in the region.

Source: Ferra

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