The most important information in analyzing Apple’s new products Min-Chi is now available for use in the damaged AirPods chamber. These builders work on infrastructure and track human body parts – in this case, users’ headphones.

It is used to analyze, innovate and adapt Face ID technologies for iPhone and iPad. IR cameras allow opening boxes and batteries of a person’s device, which can be interpreted as their mood, interest. The goal of this work is to regulate the audio signal of users, for example, to attract attention or, conversely, to muffle the sound and not wake up.

I am my virtual reality environment. According to this, the price of the product is $ 3,500, and you can buy an enlarged analogue for no more than $ 1,500, but the company will bet on a higher level of control over the behavior of buyers in their products. To surround him with constant attention and care, as if I used AI to track human health indicators in Diptych.

The new AirPods functionality is expected to arrive in 2026. year.

Source: Tech Cult

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