PlayStation is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game consoles in the world. With a lot of gaming options, excellent performance to handle images and sounds, and incredible storage space, this is one of the fan-favorite consoles. players.

Currently the newest model of this console PlayStation 5 released in November 2020. After that, it received a new update with the PlayStation 5 Slim model, which was slightly smaller and was released three years later, in November 2023.

So, which model will be the best for those looking to buy a PlayStation? Is it still worth investing in an old console from the brand if your budget is tight? In the following article, we clarify these and a few other questions that may come to mind before purchasing yours.

How much does it cost to buy a PlayStation?

PlayStation prices tend to vary depending on the model and extra features. (Source: GettyImages/Replica)

Let’s come to the values ​​​​of the latest PlayStation console devices (average prices). Today, a The PlayStation 5 costs around R$ 3,600, while the PlayStation Slim costs around R$ 3,800 – Based on May 2024 values.

There are also some extras that can be added to the PS5 Slim. actor I want it as a removable disc player, sold separately with an estimated suggested price of R$ 699.90. With it, the PlayStation 5 Slim will be able to play Blu-Ray discs and physical media games. Without it, it only supports digital games stored in the cloud.

If you plan to opt for an older model, the average price of the PlayStation 4, according to search sites, is around R$ 2,200. Therefore, if its price is more in line with your budget, it can be a good entry point to this console.

What is the difference between PlayStation 4 and 5?

Know that you'll still be buying a great console if you opt for the PS 4. (Source: GettyImages/Replica)

Although the 5th version of the PlayStation has been on the market since 2020, there are still many people who have a PlayStation 4 or are organizing to buy the old model, which of course means big savings in their pockets.

For obvious reasons, models PS5 certainly has a better performance in terms of graphics and gaming experience.But this does not mean that the PS 4 is not still a very good device. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the differences between the consoles that are already beginning to show themselves in terms of processors:

  • PS4 has an octa-core, 1.6GHz AMD Jaguar CPU;
  • The PS5 features a 3.5GHz AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores.

The impact of this evolution between the two machines also includes the difference in graphical quality presentation. The PS4 displays games at 1080p (Full HD) resolution at 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, the PS5 supports resolutions up to 4K and 8K with refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Therefore, PlayStation 5 is definitely capable of providing a more immersive experience. actorBut here’s an extra tip: to enjoy all these PS 5 features Ideally, you should have a TV in your home that is equipped to stream images in 4K and HDR. Otherwise it’s like buying a Ferrari and only using it in your own garage.

Another major difference between the two consoles is their storage capacity. The PlayStation 4 has 500GB or 1TB storage options, with the ability to expand via an external HD.

The PlayStation 5 comes with a custom 825GB SSD, which not only increases its capacity but also speeds up game loading times. The PS5 Slim even increases that capacity to 1 Terabyte, providing even more space

Finally, another point that needs to be considered is Console number 5 is starting to get some exclusive games due to necessity only works on this machine softwareHowever, as we said before, all these elements do not make the PlayStation 4 a bad device and if it still meets your needs, it is worth investing in this console.

What should you consider before purchasing a PlayStation?

Okay, so you’ve finally decided to get your hands on your next-gen PlayStation, but you’re still having second thoughts about which console to choose? If that’s the case, follow our guide below to find out what you need to know before you decide between models or even decide if PlayStation is right for you.

Choosing PlayStation is a guarantee of having a cutting-edge video game that will provide the best experiences. (Source: GettyImages / Replica)

PS5 models

As we explained above, the PlayStation 5 is currently available in two main models: standard – the model popularly called “Fat” by some players, because it is more “solid” or fuller and the Playstation 5 Slim.

Some gaming analysts make an interesting comparison between them: The Standard is like a big family car with a large trunk (and a disc player), while the Slim is a super-cool sports car without a trunk.

In practice, the Slim is 30% “thinner” and has a 1TB SSD, meaning more games and space for games.

The visible difference between the two models is, designThe PlayStation Slim has a black line running through the middle of its case, while the traditional PS 5 has a plate on both sides. Aesthetically, the Slim is therefore more simple and even elegant – of course, always a matter of personal taste.

Another important element: PlayStation 5 Slim doesn’t stay level on its own when placed horizontallyBecause it requires the use of a stand that comes with the console. There’s also an extra USB-C port on the front of the device. The “fat” PlayStation 5, on the other hand, sits flat horizontally.

The measurements between the two are also comparable when choosing yours. The standard PlayStation 5 measures 39 x 10.4 x 10.2cm and weighs 4.5kg. The PlayStation 5 Slim measures 35.8 x 21.6 x 9.6cm and weighs just 3.2kg, meaning it’s 30% smaller in terms of both size and weight.

Technicial Specifications

The two consoles have similar components: It has the same graphics card with AMD Zen 2 processor and RDNA 2 architectureThis means they don’t make a huge difference when it comes to running plays.

The main difference between the PS5 Standard and PS5 Slim models is in the storage capacity. The PlayStation 5 Slim has a capacity of 1 Terabyte (equivalent to 1024GB), while the standard PlayStation 5 offers 825GB. However, This does not change its performance when running gamesbut it offers more space to store them.

Game availability

Some games are already available as PS 5 exclusives. (Source: GettyImages/Replica)

PlayStation 5 supports physical and digital games. Today, most people prefer to purchase digital games that are stored in the cloud and do not take up physical space at home.

However, it is useful to remember this here. Those who purchase physical media have the opportunity to trade or sell the games they want later.This can be a huge advantage – on the PS5 Slim, you only use digital games unless you buy extra players for an extra fee.

Another aspect to highlight is that, as mentioned before, the PS5 is receiving more and more exclusive games that did not work on previous versions of the console. This is due to the more advanced features that the device offers.

Control Features

Both PlayStation models feature the same DualSense wireless controller, which is seen as one of its biggest draws as it has a ton of great features and promises to deliver an immersive tactile experience like no other.

Control features include adaptive triggers and an integrated microphone. actor Chat with your friends without using earphones. There’s no doubt that this is an incredible technological advancement, but it’s also important to remember that purchasing the controller charger is the console owner’s responsibility.

Stay tuned to TecMundo to always get the most complete news about the world of . games, and equivalent products in this universe. On to the next one!

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Image: PlayStation 5 Slim Console, Digital Edition
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

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