Since its inception, Disney+ has become the go-to place for kids and young adults to watch content. Of course, this development was inevitable. Over its century-long history, the studio has distinguished itself by dedicating its efforts to creating the most endearing and familiar stories. Much more, by becoming a natural selection for parents and adults, when choosing the most appropriate titles for such a difficult audience as the youngest, horror-loving ones.

But Disney has always responded to this demand by offering more and better experiences for the little ones. Which made it a pioneer in creating specific films and series for perhaps the most demanding type of audience. However, as the decades have passed, the company has diversified not only the ways it communicates with its fans, which was important, but also the nature of its products. This has forced it to become more ambitious, with many other interesting topics and finally a more mature section. Including terror.

That includes the streaming platform, of course. To prove it, we leave you with five horror movies you can find right now on Disney+, after binging Star+. From the amazing story of things, a reimagining of the famous horror saga, to modern classics. Everything for fans of the genre, in the most unexpected place.

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The Exorcist

If you are drawn to the genre of possession, this is the film for you. Ofelia (Maria Evoli) is a nun who is faced with the urgent need to perform an exorcism in the Mexican city of San Ramon. Neither he nor the church hierarchy have the knowledge. But even so, driven by a pious impulse, He will end by reading aloud a mysterious Roman ritual.

At first it seems that all the supernatural unrest has ceased, until Ofelia discovers that things are not so simple. Little by little, the evil she tried to repel will turn against her. Much more will become become a stealthy and deadly enemy that you will have to fight with little or no weapons.

At a slow pace, but which more than compensates for the most terrifying moments. The Exorcist is an interesting rethinking of the familiar image of ownership. But beyond its uniqueness, it is also a brilliant reflection on evil. This makes it one of the best horror movies you can watch on Disney+ right now.

Halloween (2018 version)

David Gordon Green made a bold decision when he took over this famous horror saga. He forsook all the sequels, successive reboots and additions to the original film to focus on Michael Myers. Not only as the center of the story, but also in the nature of the evil that sustains the brutal killer. At the same time, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is first his victim and later his staunch enemy.

The result is a brilliant reconstruction of the original story that takes the best elements of John Carpenter’s classic. Particularly for suggesting that the masked killer’s violence is more than just a tormented desire to kill. It’s also a terrifying journey. through the darkness of the human mind and the horrors that can lurk within it.

With two sequels completing the extraordinary trilogy, the first film in this new saga continues to be the highest quality film of the entire set. And you can enjoy it right now on Disney+.

Boogeyman: Your fear is real

The Best Stephen King Adaptations for the Boogeyman Premiere

Director Rob Savage took one of Stephen King’s most terrifying tales and turned it into a bold take on primal horrors that not only captured the unsettling atmosphere of the material it was based on. At the same time, there was a constant sense of horror that King gave to his story.

And, along with an exploration of grief that surprises in its way of narrating the most painful places of loss. Overall, Boogeyman: Your fear is realrepresents a rare mixture of the sinister and the dramatic.

But let no one be fooled. This story, whose best moments rely on a sick atmosphere and a constant sense of lurking evil, represents more than anything else a fresh take on horror. Specifically for delving into the idea of ​​what can cause fear through primitive ideas. Especially the fear of the primary, childish and inexpressible.

Impetigore: The Cursed Legacy

In the well-known tradition of Asian horror cinema, this work by Joko Anwar is a journey through several different scenarios. On one hand, it is a woman who finds that her connection to the supernatural follows her everywhere. Worse, it threatens to turn his life into a series of horrors that he will be unable to escape or control.

At the other extreme, it’s a look at the traditional horror genre, exploring myths and legends – this time from Indonesia – from an original and dark perspective. Little by little, the film reveals all its visions of fear to show that hatred and resentment can be hidden supernatural forces. Moreover, they represent a mysterious enemy that is difficult to fight.

With a disturbing and difficult final stretch, Impetigore: The Cursed Legacy This is a good example of terror used as a bridge to tell mythological events and horrors. Especially, which allows us to think about how the supernatural is viewed in different cultures. The best of its premises.

Sixth Sense

Hollywood Pictures

And finally, a recent horror classic tops the list. In 1999, M. Night Shyamalan was an unknown quantity in the film world. So his feat of making a horror film that would also turn out to be a dramatic success has a double meaning. The story of Cole (Haley Joel Osment), a boy with an extraordinary — and terrifying — ability to see the souls of the dead, not just the scared ones. At the same time, he was driven by an exploration of pain, absence, and the need for connection. Which brought the film a resounding success and even an Oscar nomination.

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In essence, The Sixth Sense was the first of many films by the director that relied on an unexpected turn of events. But perhaps because it was the first, it was the most compelling and brilliant in confounding public expectations. If you haven’t seen them yet or want to revisit this exquisite work, you can find them right now in the Disney+ catalog.

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