The JetLend crowdlending platform is estimated at 8-12 billion rubles on the eve of its IPO. According to the company’s CEO Roman Khoroshev, during the placement in December 2024, the platform can attract from 1 billion rubles.

Crowdlending platform JetLend was valued at between 8 and 12 billion rubles before its IPO in December
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At the end of last year, it became known that the company was planning to hold an initial public offering (IPO). To achieve this, on December 22, JetLend issued BO-01 bonds for 80 million rubles.

As Khoroshev said in an interview with RBC Investments, the company will make an assessment using the P/S (price to sales) multiplier, which shows the ratio of the value of the business to the revenue for the year or as the ratio of the cost of a share to the revenue per value.

JetLend’s valuation is currently based on its P/S. The company expects to receive 1 billion rubles in revenue by the end of 2024. Thus, Khoroshy notes, the expected valuation is 8-12 billion rubles.

The co-founder of the platform also noted that the total assets of investors in JetLend are estimated at 250 billion rubles. The company sees a great interest in the shares from its side. During the IPO, at this valuation, it is planned to offer about 10% of the shares.

At the end of May, JetLend completed a corporate reorganization in preparation for the stock market listing. Jetland Holding JSC, registered on March 1 this year, became the new owner of the assets. As a representative of the platform explained to RB.RU at the time, preparations for a pre-IPO are underway.

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