If they are not included in the societies, they are displayed in screenshots so that we do not open them in Windows 11 “Government Edition”. It has nothing to do with Microsoft or the government of any country. Most of all, this undermines the popularity of Microsoft’s policy of monetizing its OS to an indecent scale.

Windows 11 “Government Edition” is different from the latest version “Tiny11”. You can use them only at your own risk, because there are various dubious ways to bypass activation. It does not use public transport and “lightness” type C – for example, “Government Edition” is enough for only 1.2 GB of RAM in a system with 4 GB.

Windows 11

These include Microsoft Edge, the camera and media player built into Windows and iOS devices. The most popular tools are Paint and Clock. Without the names of the above names, especially “Push” in the field of thought is empty. Do not include cons – in the absence of Microsoft Store, use non-commercial products. The goal is to follow pirate methods.

Perhaps, the assembly of this clever bypass of Microsoft’s fears to the state of iron, because of new software products, apply to star computers is problematic. “Government Edition” does not serve any devices, programs, or networks of editing tracking users and intrusive advertising. Undividedly many of us opened this book “Windows”. dreams.”

Source: Tech Cult

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