Microsoft employees in China from September Only iPhones will be able to log into the company’s systems. The authentication step will be required even if the job is run on a Windows computer.

Information collected by the website Bloomberg, It is part of the Secure Future Initiative, a set of standards announced in 2023 that aim to increase defenses against digital threats. The report notes that hundreds of employees will be affected by the change.

With politics, Android phones will no longer be accepted for employee identity verification at the beginning of the workday. The measure would be a way to minimize concerns about data leaks or espionage from hardware made in China or alternative app stores targeting locals.

Microsoft employees in China will be required to use iPhones to log into company systems.

According to the news, Employees who do not have an iPhone will be given an iPhone 15 to perform the identity verification process. Android mobile phones used for business purposes must be delivered to a collection point spread across the company headquarters.

HE Microsoft’s China office contains the company’s largest research and development center Outside the U.S. About 6,000 engineers and scientists work here.

The restriction contradicts the alleged ban on iPhones in public institutions. In September 2023, Wall Street Journal reported this citizens couldn’t even enter federal offices carrying Apple phones.

Naturally, the Android phone ban also affects models from local brands like Xiaomi and Huawei, manufacturers that have a strong presence in the Chinese market.

Source: Tec Mundo

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