The Chinese company Xiaomi has decided to sell itself, as well as its new car. The disassembled SU7 electric car is completely released from the market. According to CEO Lei Jun, this is a “full-size universal” productive eco-technological sedan,” and the company itself ranks among the top leaders in the global automotive industry.

Mass production of SU7 will soon be revealed in the future 2024. This is the first contract from Beijing’s auto industry. The new product operates in at least two versions: with lidar, which provides autonomous movement, and without. The debut was announced for a total amount of GEL 1,400,000,000 in the field of research and high-tech development. This company also includes V6 and V8 electric units that are not affected by the efficiency of the ICE equivalent.

Xiaomi SU7

The SU7’s specs are impressive. Acceleration to counting takes no more than 2.78 seconds, and the maximum speed is 265 km/h. HyperEngine power plants, depending on the version, can increase power from 299 to 570 hp. The new battery, developed by Xiaomi engineers, is halved in price and is small in size with increased performance by 24.4%. It is stated that the power reserve of the new product is more than 1,200 kilometers, and original high-level algorithms control bridges on the road.

Technology stacks including Nvidia’s Orin chip, lidar, new cameras, radars and ultra-reliable data will bring data to busy roads on their own. The noise pod system is located in the snow and in the parking lot on the first floor. The SU7’s cabin and passengers are equipped with a 16.1-speed center console, a 7.1-speed touchscreen display and a 56-speed multimedia system. The system is based on the Snapdragon chip.

The car’s equipment pairs well with Xiaomi smart home gadgets, providing quick access and customizable automation. Xiaomi probably hasn’t used the speed range and new cars, but they have no experience. SU7 is also in the same league with Tesla and Porsche.

Xiaomi SU7

Source: Tech Cult

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