The blogger revealed that instead of Nvidia’s flagship 4nm GPU, the AD102 GPU, the fake RTX 4090 has the GA102 GPU used in the RTX 3080 Ti, while the RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti graphics cards are also built on this architecture.

The GA102 is not much different in size from the flagship (628mm2 versus 608mm2), it has the same pins, so you may not even notice the trick by eye. In addition, the GPU matrix was carefully polished to completely remove the factory markings, and a new inscription was applied to it with a laser.

But the point is not even a replacement, but that one of the memory modules has not the required 2 GB, but only 265 MB. But the most important thing is that the device does not work in principle. That is, the buyer was sent not even a fake, but a fake product that cannot be repaired.

The blogger advised to always buy electronics only from retail chains where you can file a claim with the seller and request a refund in such a case.

Source: Ferra

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