AvtoVAZ again began to equip cars with airbags. They will be installed on all new Lada Granta. The company abandoned this attribute due to sanctions problems with supplies, having received permission from the government.

AvtoVAZ again began to equip cars with airbags

The driver’s airbag will be installed in all Lada Granta, released from August 23. The pillow for the passenger in the front seat will be an additional option in more expensive models of AvtoVAZ cars.

The company clarified that the structurally new airbags will be the same as those previously installed on the Lada Granta. AvtoVAZ plans to return ABS systems to its vehicles in 2023.

The government gave the green light to cars without airbags in May. After that, AvtoVAZ released the first cars without this attribute on the market.

AvtoVAZ announced the launch of import substitution cars in March. There are fewer imported parts in these cars, the supply of which has become difficult due to sanctions.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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