Startup Gamgee has introduced a new Wi-Fi router with its own secret function. Also, the availability of the Internet is the same as these. You can get into a hidden radar system. And can, for example, show the penetration of uninvited guests into the house, in the key wild animals.

Wi-Fi radar technology is not new – at short distances, interference in the signal is easy to track and interpret as objects, even if they change behind a wall. This is important to see, so keep it in mind. GAMGEE features pets.

During the decoding process, the algorithms came up with the idea of ​​making special signals for each family member. This is who immediately allows the system to understand where they are, or if there is someone else in the room whose profile is not in the database. It notifies the owner about this, indicating the location of the uninvited guest in a specific room.

The system does not require the absence of any settings, is not used visually, but can also be activated in the work of the zoom. First, it is not necessary to buy and test newspapers, they delay the task and where the cat is now. The minimum set with three routers costs $ 374, available early next year.

Source: Tech Cult

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