Good afternoon, dear friends!

Today I would like to show you a compact screwdriver set from Ugreen.

Such kits are not rare, but this one is made quite decently and logically. Ugreen – the brand is even closer to electronics, technology and electronic accessories, so we can say that it is consistent in positioning – these kits are designed for very, very small bolts that are easier to find in phones modern smart phones, remote controls, watches*, etc. n. In general, mainly – for precise work with equipment and electronics.

* Quartz mainly, because here – magnetized!

Here, even the star bits occupy almost a third of the total number of replaceable bits.

Cash register

The second thing I’d like to point out is convenience. And this is also part of Ugreen’s positioning: it is a brand that is mainly associated with hubs, smartphone mounts, in general, with some comfort and functionality.

The set of bits is done in roughly the same way. For example, when a box is pressed, it opens, automatically rising to the surface and turning into such a structure.

Inside orange rows with bats. These orange coasters are not fixed in any way, so you can position them at any angle as you work.

And then come closer to yourself:

38 in 1

Another part of the positioning is exclusively “national”. Quantitative indicators of recruitment are calculated “in parrots”: there are 38 units. We would rather think that there are 38 interchangeable tips, but in reality there are 36, since two more elements are directly a screwdriver and a nozzle that extends it.

The screwdriver is made conveniently and logically: it is convenient to grip, and the surface has a non-slip pattern.

It can also be noted here that the upper part is made of plastic so that under pressure during operation the palm does not hurt. In addition, it is mobile to work without interception. Bits are approx. 3 cm, the extension nozzle adds + 6 cm.

The material is aluminum alloy. In terms of quality, everything is quite decent: it does not grind during operation, gets into the groove, sticks well, unscrews and rotates, as expected.

Strictly speaking, a similar set for men is probably something like a sewing set for women: it would be nice if there was one, so that everything was there to the maximum, and using all this maximum is the tenth thing. And the rhythms here are varied, of course:

For those who are interested in watching the unboxing in video format, I recommend the entry:

Small Conclusions

  1. Peeling crayons with a knife or nail scissors is not very convenient. But with special screwdrivers – very convenient. I came across this while dealing with screw-down quartz watches.

  2. I like that this, interestingly enough, is also a conceptual thing: the set doesn’t stand out too much from the Ugreen ecosystem, it’s related to electronics, but it still represents a kind of new category.

  3. The design is very good, but at the same time functional. There is nothing unnecessary here, neither in color nor in design.

  4. There are no complaints about the beats themselves, they do their job with dignity.

Traditionally, these sets are bought well in advance – this is a “let it be, it will definitely come in handy” series purchase, therefore the set doesn’t hit the pocket too hard. The latest OZON price is 1190 rubles.

It remains for me to wish that in your life the least broken and loose,

my best wishes!

Good afternoon, dear friends! Today I would like to show you a compact screwdriver set from Ugreen. Such kits are not uncommon, but this one is made quite…

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