An event group from Northwestern University under Prof. John Apad. Rogers successfully tested a suspected new disease without the use of drugs. Its work is based on the principle of numbness of nerve endings during cooling. This effect can be controlled with an individual cold source.

After an epidemic of dependence on opioid agents and antidepressants began in the United States, American physicians were actively engaged in the search for alternative means of getting rid of pain. The main criterion is that they should not cause any phenomena on television that do not affect the danger. Therefore, a new implant made from a safe, biodegradable elastomer, as well as suitable nitrogen gas and medical liquid perfluoropentane.

Soluble implant

The implant has a ligament structure up to 5 cm and is as thick as a sheet of paper that can be wrapped around a damaged area, organ or link within a tissue to target specific groups of nerves. Regardless of the presence of microchannels, nitrogen is supplied one at a time, perfluoropentane the other. When they appear in manifestation, there is an evaporation of the liquid with an increase in temperature, which leads to numbness of the nerve endings and the consumption of pain.

The procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary, replacing consumables. In addition, in order not to overcool the nerve, Iantat supplies a temperature sensor, so the heart rate may decrease. After the completion of the device, within a few weeks, it is absorbed inside the body, elect.

Source: Tech Cult

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