Good morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology to let you know what happened last Tuesday (12). Just click on the links below to browse all of the news.

1. Popular Android apps collected data without the victims knowing. The tools group used the development kit, which promised to monetize customers in exchange for their personal information.

2. Stranger Things: War Is Coming in Epic Season 4 Trailer; Look. The new season will be split into two parts: the first will air on May 27 and the second will be released on July 1.

3. Mark Zuckerbeg’s security cost is more than $26 million a year. The billionaire’s life costs more than any other Big Tech big name.

4. Windows 11 should gain a similar feature to macOS Quick View. The new function called ‘peek’ (or ‘peek’) allows you to view files on the screen faster.

5. Google is the most influential brand in Brazil; see the full list. A survey by Ipsos revealed the 10 most influential tech brands in the country; In the ranking are Samsung, Netflix and Amazon.

6. FIFA+ is the new free streaming with documentaries and football series. The FIFA+ service offers exclusive content and is now available in Brazilian Portuguese.

7. CCXP22: dates and ticket prices announced; Check out! Scheduled to be held at SP Expo on December 1, 2, 3 and 4, CCXP 2022 will have tickets ranging from R$120 to R$12k.

8. Sega game prices increased by almost 170% in Steam Brazil. A surprise awaited gamers who went to buy PC games from Steam.

9. SP State confirms measles case and examines 25 more records. According to experts, the return of measles cases after the disease was deemed extinct is due to reduced vaccine coverage.

10. A space war might be imminent, but what would it look like? According to Michael Schmitt, an expert at the University of Exeter, a space war is absolutely inevitable.

Source: Tec Mundo

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