Promising a simpler and more personalized experience, Uber announced the new version of the app this Wednesday (22). The renewed interface, which was made available to some users a few weeks ago, is now available to more customers.

According to the company, new look makes it more intuitive to use, eliminating the “extra touches” when ordering a ride or delivery. Thus, the platform aims to be a unique tool to “go anywhere or order anything”.

New interface includes “Other ways to use the app” and “Save with Uber” loops. Other service options are highlighted, such as booking travel, connecting to public transport, adding stops, and shipping items.

Another innovation is the “Services” tab at the bottom of the screen, where users can find all product options in the region, such as “Market” and “Shipping”. In the “Event” tab, customers can view history and reschedule trips and orders.

The update also brought changes to the “Travel” menu. “To where?” When you tap on, the “Saved Places” option and destination suggestions based on the user’s activities will be displayed.

According to Uber, the new app will always learn about the customer and show personalized recommendations on the home screen. For example, if the person is usually booking travel, the software itself will show other options for “pre-scheduled” services.

iPhone owners will be able to view their journey status without unlocking the phone.

Finally, iPhone owners with iOS 16 will be able to track their travels from the lock screen. Especially iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max users will be able to see all updates through the Dynamic Island feature.

Much more than racing

“The redesigned app has increased awareness and use of a wider range of services that drive growth across multiple businesses,” said Jen You, Uber’s chief product officer. TechCrunch.

The manager explains that reformulation expands the relevance strategy of products offered to customers. Also, for Uber One and Uber Pass subscribers, people will have simplified access to offers in the region on rides or orders.

Source: Tec Mundo

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