TikTok gives up its billion-dollar print In live e-commerce in Europe and USA. The service, which already operates in the UK, like Brazilian sales channel Shoptime, apparently suffered internal problems and failed to do well among consumers in its first edition outside of Asia.

Call TikTok Store It has been in Indonesia since last year and was recently launched in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. In the service, many brands and influencers are broadcasting and selling live through a clickable orange basket on the short video application screen.

Why did TikTok give up its digital store in Europe?

Live commerce via social media platforms is seen as a promising trend for e-commerce and initiatives have also been launched by some TikTok competitors — like YouTube and Instagram, those who start to receive commissions from the sales made. The Chinese platform’s plans included launching the feature in Germany, France, Italy and Spain in the first half of this year.

However, later expansion plans were cancelled. Failure of the British project to achieve the set goals. Despite huge cash subsidies and incentives offered by the Chinese to brands and influencers, most of the TikTok Shop livestreams on the app have resulted in poor sales.

To further complicate the already “problematic” environment due to poor performance, Financial Times found a stampede from the company’s e-commerce team in London last month. Many employees complained of an aggressive work culture imposed by Chinese leaders. one of them said he didn’t “believe” in maternity leave.

Source: Tec Mundo

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